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A Look At Septic Tank Inspections

After seeing countless septic tank systems across Dauphin County PA, from Hanover to Gettysburg and back over to York, we at Smith’s Sanitary Septic Service have come to realize one essential truth:

A thorough, professional inspection of your septic system can literally be a lifesaver.

Septic tanks hold some inherent dangers that must be respected. A septic tank is large and cavernous, full of toxic chemicals like methane, and usually buried out of sight in the ground. It can work perfectly for years and years, but if it doesn’t, regular septic tank inspections will root out the problem.

What kinds of problems can a septic inspection find? All kinds:

  • Leaks and seepages of sewage
  • High levels of sewage in the tank
  • Inadequate or poor-fitting manhole covers
  • Risks of soil erosion and ground collapse
  • Waterlogged or clogged drainfield
  • Cracked or damaged baffles
  • Corroded tank interior
  • Tree roots growing into drain pipes
  • Backflow of effluent into the home’s or building’s plumbing

A full septic inspection is required of any real estate transaction involving a piece of property with a septic system installed, so there’s a compulsory regulatory reason for getting your septic unit inspected.

But there’s a much better rationale for calling Smith’s Sanitary Septic Service in Hanover PA for your septic tank inspection: The peace of mind that comes with keeping your family safe.

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