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Typical Cost Range For Septic Tank Services

That septic tank system connected to your Hanover PA home is a necessary investment…so the costs you pay to a local septic tank service company like Smith’s Sanitary for regular inspections, pumpouts, cleaning – even installation, excavation and emergency repairs – are part of being responsible and proactive as a homeowner, businessowner, property manager, waste processing facility or landlord.

Just like the stuff that flows through those pipes, getting your septic tank and system serviced is a natural part of life. If your residential, commercial or industrial building near Gettysburg, York, or Westminster utilizes a septic tank, call Smith’s Sanitary Septic Service at 717-637-5630 to make an appointment for your free estimate.

No two septic tank systems are configured exactly the same. The costs involved for the installation, inspection and sanitation of your specific septic tank system depend on a multitude of factors that we’ll need to inspect:

  • Type of septic tank (concrete, steel, plastic, fiberglass)
  • Location of septic tank (flat or hilly ground, accessibility of manhole covers)
  • Absorption material (sand, gravel, marsh)
  • Distance from residence or commercial structure
  • Required local permits
  • How quickly must service must be performed? (Is it an emergency or an immediate safety concern?)

At Smith’s Sanitary Septic Service of Hanover, we work with our customers to make sure they’re septic tank service needs are completely taken care of – removing all the brown stuff (waste) for as little green stuff (cost) as possible.

Our Septic Services

Installations / Repairs / Scheduled Maintenance / Locations / Inspections / Drain Fields / Excavations / Waste Disposal / Backhoe / Port-a-Potty Rental / 24/7 Emergency Response

Serving Hanover, York, Gettysburg PA and Westminster MD since 1959, Smith’s Sanitary Septic Service is on the job when you need us most. Call 717-637-5630 today.