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Regular Septic Tank Cleaning Is Smart

Your septic tank is out there, buried in the Hanover PA ground, and you hardly ever think about your septic system or its cost as long as it’s silently doing its job of cleaning wastewater for the Pennsylvania environment. But really, companies like Smith’s Sanitary Septic Service believe that you should think of your septic tank system like you think of a car. Both a vehicle and your septic tank can last a long time and do a good job if you keep them on regular maintenance and cleaning schedules.

Cleaning is a fundamental part of septic tank maintenance, whether it serves a large industrial complex, a food waste facility or a small home. The frequency – and even type – of cleaning that’s best depends on your septic tank’s size, design, intake amount, type of organic matter it holds, its dispersal infrastructure and absorption (or leach or drain) field, plus other environmental variables.

In this day in age – much more than when they were invented back in 1860 – septic tanks can vary greatly in size, volume, material (concrete, plastic, fiberglass, etc.), mechanism for breaking down organic matter and method for releasing pre-treated wastewater to be re-introduced to the environment.

As a result, not all septic tank cleaning jobs we get here around York, Westminster and Gettysburg are created equal. Sometimes it’s needed more often or less often, sometimes (as with aerobic septic tanks) we septic tank cleaners employ different techniques to effectively clean the tank, baffle, lines and pipes.

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