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Can You Dig It? Septic Tank Excavation Services

The word “excavation” comes up a lot around Smith’s Sanitary Septic Service, probably because we do a lot of excavating of old septic tanks and excavating for new ones, plus digging new drainage line and leach field trenches.

The design of your septic system very likely depends upon the attraction of our old friend Gravity. The pipe apparatus connecting your home, warehouse, processing plant or other buildings to your external below-ground septic tank must be sloped downward – usually to a two percent gradient, sometimes even more inclined – to allow gravitational force to lead wastewater through the piping into the tank.

Furthermore, the tank must be buried a certain number of inches – usually at least 12 – below the ground’s surface at the spot of burial, so the lay of the land around your edifice will surely come into play for excavation, installation and septic maintenance purposes.

To get the angle just right – and to get your tank situated in the best position, sufficiently distant from the wastewater’s source – you need top quality excavators like Smith’s Sanitary Septic Service. We have the backhoe equipment, the trucks, the manpower and the brainpower to design and install a full septic tank system exclusively for your property, complete with excavation and pumping services.

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