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Experienced Septic Tank Installation and Wastewater Treatment

Septic tanks are just one of the ways we do business here in South Central Pennsylvania, and they always have been – even since long before Smith’s Sanitary Septic Service began tank excavation, drain fields management and waste water systems installation way back in 1959. When people live around the areas of Adams County PA, Dauphin County, the city of York or down in Westminster MD, owning a house with access to a reliable septic tank excavation contractor is an absolute must – and that excavator must have the experience to perform regular and emergency repair, re-location, and replacement of septic systems in accordance with health department requirements and regulations.

When homeowners rely on Smith’s Sanitary Septic as their preferred septic tank installation service, they’re getting a small home-grown company which has served much of Pennsylvania and a great deal of Maryland for more than 60 years from our base in Hanover PA. In Smith’s Septic Service, you’re getting a knowledgeable, experienced contractor who knows everything about your septic tank system, from electronic location, septic excavation, repair and inspections, to leach/drain fields and soil testing for home, office and industry. And with Smith’s, you’re getting South Central Pennsylvania’s premier local expert in septic tanks, a company driven to provide the utmost in customer satisfaction.

Can You Dig It? Once In a While, You May Have To

The word “excavation” comes up a lot around Smith’s Sanitary Septic Service, probably because we do a lot of excavating of old septic tanks and for new ones, plus digging new drainage system lines and drain field trenches.

The design of your septic system depends upon the attraction of our old friend Gravity. The pipe apparatus connecting your home, warehouse, processing plant or other buildings to your external below-ground septic tank must be sloped downward – usually to a two percent gradient, sometimes more inclined – to allow gravitational force to lead wastewater through the piping into the tank.

Furthermore, tanks must be buried a certain number of inches – usually at least 12 – below the ground’s surface, so the lay of the land will come into play for excavation, septic system installation and septic maintenance purposes.

To get the angle just right – and to get your tank situated in the best position, sufficiently distant from the wastewater’s source – you need top quality excavators like Smith’s Sanitary Septic Service. We have the backhoe equipment, the trucks, the manpower and the brainpower to design and install a full septic tank system exclusively for your property, complete with excavation and pumping services.

Septic Excavation By Experienced Septic System Engineers

There’s a substantial amount of industry expertise involved in doing a proper septic tank excavation project. Techniques begin with locating the septic tank on the property, which itself could require the usage of electronic detection devices. Then we need to analyze the condition of the site, weighing the variables which will determine the most efficient removal of the old tank, and the optimal placement of the new tank and its components – the materials for which we will determine in consultation with the homeowner.

Then our team of experts has to determine the slope from the location of the new septic tank to the drain field, so as to enable proper flow and avoid flooding. Then our qualified inspector needs to inspect the new septic tank system to ensure proper depth, adequacy of concrete covers, and adherence to all health and safety guidelines.

On Call For Septic Tank Emergencies

If there’s any scenario you can’t let get out of control, it’s issues with your home’s septic tank system. No matter the year of construction or installation, everything needs regular inspection – from the sewage pipes and the valve machinery to the area in the yard into which the effluent drains. If ever you see signs of problems arise with the drainfield pump, leach field, tank, toilets, or internal plumbing, don’t risk severe damage to your home environment and family health – get the trusted professionals of Smith’s Sanitary Septic Service quickly on the job.

If clients are confronted with an emergency situation or suspect that one may develop, call Smith’s Sanitary Septic Service at 717-637-5630 right away to ask questions, assess the problem, get to work on repairs, plan new leach fields, and – if needed – begin the complex excavation process of your septic tank system.

Want a Septic Tank Excavation Evaluation? Call Smith’s!

When the buildup of debris and other solids from your home’s sinks, washing machines, garbage disposals, and commodes gets a little out of hand, it’s a good idea to contact Smith’s Sanitary Septic Service. Reach us by phone at 717-637-5630 or through our online contact form, to request your FREE estimate. Mention our website and get two (2) complimentary cans of septic tank food! (Please call Smith’s Sanitary Septic Service for offer details.)

Smith’s is the first name to call for all your septic service needs anywhere around Hanover, York, Gettysburg, New Oxford, East Berlin, Spring Grove, Abbottstown, Shrewsbury PA, and Westminster MD. We’ve been digging septic tank systems at homes like yours since 1959, doing septic tank excavations and septic system installations of every size and type. Let Smith’s Sanitary Septic Service help you take care of business at home.

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