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The first name in septic tank cleaning in Gettysburg PA is our founding family’s last name: Smith’s Sanitary Septic Service. Since 1959 Smith’s Septic has served Gettysburg, Adams County and all of South Central Pennsylvania with the most reliable septic tank inspection company and septic tank cleaning services available.

But for your septic system to do its job, we at Smith’s Septic have to do our job – regular maintenance, inspection and a thorough, proper septic tank cleaning by Smith’s certified technicians in Gettysburg PA. Septic tanks for residential homes or commercial office spaces, Smith’s Septic is the local small business to call to keep everything flowing smoothly.

And you don’t want your septic system to falter or fail in any way. Septic tanks without maintenance and cleaning can back up, overflow, or break pipes. Repairs may be expensive, so the smart move by the Gettysburg PA homeowner, business owner and property manager is to contact Smith’s Sanitary Septic Service and get on a regular schedule of septic tank inspection and cleaning. Make your next appointment or ask a question about our sanitation and septic services by calling 717-637-5630 or 717-637-6570, or by emailing [email protected].

What is a typical septic tank cleaning schedule for a residence or industrial building in Gettysburg PA? Generally, homes of a few residents should have their septic tanks pumped out and cleaned every three or four years; households with several members ought to have septic tanks inspected and cleaned every year or two. Septic tank systems for larger complexes may need cleaning more or less often, depending upon tank size and building occupancy. So, there’s no “typical,” but you do need the experience and knowledge of the folks at Smith’s Sanitary Septic Service to determine the best schedule for regular, cost-preventive septic tank cleaning in Gettysburg PA.

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Serving Hanover, York, Gettysburg PA and Westminster MD since 1959, Smith’s Sanitary Septic Service is on the job when you need us most. Call 717-637-5630 today.

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